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Structure And Performance Features

W12 series is four rollers plate rolling machine.

Suitable in rolling the plate into entire tube or the circular arc as well as certain scope cone.

You can finish all the work at a time,inchuding pre-bending,rolling and so on

The upper roller is leading roller,driven by hydraulic motor,which leads the decelerating device,provides the torque requide.

The lower roller may make the vertical movement, impeled through the hydraulic piston, to be advantageous for the clamp plate.

The two side rollers can work separately,promoting efficiency.

PLC control,overload protect.

Tip over device makes the unloading of workpiece easily.

Movable controlling table is easy for operation.

Welded structure is stress relief.

All working roller are made by fine steel forging,by heat treatment and hardening processing.

Security meet the requirement by CE.