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Structure And Performance Features

The fuselage for the C type single-arm type structure,uses the steel plate welding.after welding by tempering aging treatment,ensure the body never deformation.Mainly applies to metal drawing,forming and pressing,can also be used for pressing the powder metallurgical products,trimming technology. The hydraulic press is provided with a series of independent in the electrical control system,centralized control with buttons, setting process can be realized and will be two kinds of molding pressure, with pressure with independdent hydraulic and electrical control system, centralized control with buttons, setting process can be realized and the constant pressure of two kinds of forming process,with digital display of pressure,and the formation of pressure regulating function,And the series of slide adopts four-column guide, with an offset load. And the guide rod, piston rod quenching after hard chromium plating processing,never rust napping.Department of Shanghai pump axial piston pump with constant power, oil pump inlet oil uniquefiltering device,ensuring the service life of pump and valve.The hydraulic system adopts domestic advanced two cartridge valve,oil link adopts imported high pressure hose, electrical part adopts Siemens element, improve the working reliability of the machine.In addition,according to user requirements, the other configuration import PLC. Protected and human-machine interface(touch screen)and other advanced components.